4Pure: Inspired by the Journey

My life is rooted deeply in the trees. Born in the bustling city of Mississauga, Canada, my childhood adventures in fact unfolded beneath the Maine sky, set against a backdrop of mountains frosted with trees. Chasing streams that fed into stunning lakes, surrounded by majestic woodlands and wildlife, I was blessed to observe and to absorb the world unbound by walls.

My hometown was part of the thriving paper industry, and my family was an earnest force in the regional machine. For over four decades, my grandfather was an Electrical Engineer at Great Northern Paper Company, while my father owned and operated a timber-harvesting operation. Growing up, I watched vast acres of land stripped bare of their wood to feed the demand for paper pulp. Even as a boy, I felt torn by a loss I couldn’t quite place — the trees were my private playground, my sanctuary; and yet, their destruction was the lifeblood of so many American families.

Over the years, the majority of Maine’s paper mills have been shut down, and environmental awareness has filtered into mainstream conversation. I’ve found my own perspective about the environment evolved as well. New career experiences and insightful colleagues have challenged me to consider my own power to influence the future of nature’s fragile resources.

In 2005, I entered the beverage industry and cut my teeth on spring water. As I educated myself on the manufacturing standards of Big Food, I was shocked by the prevalence of chemicals, coloring agents and modified food ingredients used in everyday foods across every category. In 2011, I created the first reduced-sugar juice in the USA catered to kids and the public school system. Always hungry to shift the status quo, I continued to study the beverage set for gaps. I’ve always been drawn to the inviting nostalgia of real lemonade — unfussy, affordable, an American classic. Researching the competitive landscape, I found dozens of nutrition panels laced with high fructose corn syrup, dyes, stabilizers, artificial flavors and preservatives; all pale imitations of the tangy treat my mother made for three thirsty, growing boys. I saw an opportunity to develop a product that would enrich consumer health, but looking into my past inspired a vision for a company that would impact the future. I could do my part to nurture our planet as well, and to foster the next generations of trees that had done so much to raise me.

4Pure was born from a simple commitment to do good for all by being better for you.

With only 4 all-natural and organic ingredients in every bottle, our family of refreshing, fruit-forward lemonades is crafted from zingy pressed lemon juice and peak-season fruit purées blended with a touch of real New England maple syrup. Vegan-friendly, gluten-free and certified kosher, 4Pure celebrates the sweetness of simplicity with every sip.

Proudly crafted in the USA, 4Pure is pioneering a production model that will preserve the beautiful woodlands and maple trees that gift us with our nutrient-dense, richly-flavored maple syrup. Our growth will help fund the expansion and innovation of farming techniques that eliminate the need to clear, irrigate or fertilize the lands. As we deliver our delicious, healthful lemonade to new friends around the world, we strive to become stewards of sustainable sourcing and development, to conserve even as we consume.

– Will Boyle
4Pure founder

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Soy Free


Dairy Free


Gluten Free


Fair Trade


Non-BPA Bottles


5% goes to local shelters

4Pure Mission

We named it 4Pure for a reason...only four ingredients necessary to bring you flavor, nutrition and refreshment in a bottle. Low-calorie, gluten-free and vegan. No corn syrup, no dyes and no genetically modified organisms in this liquid treat.

To top off all that goodness, we sweeten our elixirs with pure maple syrup, giving 4Pure its unique, delicious taste. We invite you to enjoy 4Pure with a meal, during a workout or any time you crave a healthy, tasty shot of happiness!


Great Flavors

Healthy Mission

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Over the next 10 years, 4Pure will plant a million trees in areas that were stripped of their natural vegetation